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Fresh Sheet September 22nd


Bodhizafa IPA: With flavors and aromas of mandarin and citrus, this IPA gets its light, silky texture from rolled oats. Over five pounds of hops per barrel makes this IPA truly Bodhilicious. Columbus, Chinook, Citra®, Mosaic hops. ABV 6.9%
4oz $2.75, 10oz $4.25, 16oz $5.75, six pack $11, growler fill $10

FH Hop Rat Cold IPA: Sheik Yerbouti, it's fresh hop Zappa! Smelling green as can be with herbal notes of mint and summer savory, tropical fruits like passionfruit, papaya, guava, and cantaloupe, and finishing with (don't Freak Out) an otherworldly tongue-tingling sensation, this cold IPA just might have you exclaim, "Waka/Jawaka! Weasels Ripped my Flesh!" But don't worry, You Are What You Is...enjoy before the Baby Snakes get ya! Columbus & Fresh Zappa hops from CLS Farms
4oz $4.25, 10oz $625, 16oz $7.75

Johnny Utah Pale Ale: With heavy grapefruit, citrus and resin in the nose, this light colored ale has minimal malt interference, giving the beer a clean finish without a cloying bitterness. Citra® hops. ABV 5.6%
4oz $2.75, 10oz $4.25, 16oz $5.75, six pack $11, growler fill $10

Kokua Relief IPA: A light, easy-drinking IPA that presents flavors and aromas of fruit salad, fruit punch, and fruit cocktail. 100% of proceeds benefit the Maui Brewing Co. Fire Fund. Citra®, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 hops. ABV 6.1%
4oz $3.25, 10oz $4.75, 16oz $6.25, growler fill $11

Lucille IPA: Floral, citrusy and awesome. Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille. Columbus, Cascade, Simcoe, Citra®, Comet hops. ABV 7.0%
4oz $2.75, 10oz $4.25, 16oz $5.75, six pack $11, growler fill $10

You'll Get Nothing and Like It IPA: When someone says, "You'll get nothing and like it," hope this is the beer they put in your hand. An unfiltered, golden IPA with minimal bitterness, packed with aromas and flavors of pineapple, strawberry, ripened citrus and pine. Citra, Strata, Idaho 7 hops. ABV 6.9%
4oz $3.25, 10oz $4.75, 16oz $6.25, six pack $11, growler fill $11


Gusto Crema Coffee Ale: Building on Gusto Crema blend, a medium roasted bean from our friends at Cafè Umbria, we made a smooth, rich cream ale with intense roasted flavor and aroma from cold brew coffee.  Available on nitro! Contains lactose.
ABV 4.2%.
4oz $3.25, 10oz $4.75, 16oz $6.25

I'm Just Pils Pilsner: A crisp easy drinking Pilsner with flavors and aromas of light toasted cracker, orange blossom and someone making bread in the distance. Saaz and Sterling hops. ABV 5.2%
4oz $2.25, 10oz $3.75, 16oz $5.25, growler fill $9

Manny’s Pale Ale: Our Flagship beer! A careful selection of Northwest hops, premium barley, and our unique yeast give this ale a rich and complex malty middle with a snappy hop finish. Crisp, clean and smooth with hints of citrus and fruit. Summit, Cascade hops. ABV 5.4%
4oz $2.25, 10oz $3.75, 16oz $5.25, growler fill $9

Roger’s Pilsner: Oregon grown Sterling hops give this refreshing pilsner a spicy and earthy hop aroma, while the malt character is accentuated by a German Lager yeast that ferments dry but round and complex. Sterling hops. ABV 4.9%
4oz $2.25, 10oz $3.75, 16oz $5.25, six pack $10, growler fill $9

Steady Pilsner: A refreshing and crisp Bohemian-style pilsner with flavors and aromas of biscuit and light cracker, with spicy herbal notes. Saaz and Sterling Hops. ABV 5.1%
4oz $2.75, 10oz $4.25, 16oz $5.75, growler fill $10


Bob's Brown Ale: Charles “Bob” Hirsch (1984-2005) is our inspiration for Bob’s Brown Ale, having fought cancer for half of his 21 years.  We brew this beer in his memory and donate 100% of our proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Bob’s mom, Sue, chose RMHC as the recipient charity for our donation, saying, “They put us up for treatment every time we came in from Alaska.” Released on May 14th, Bob's birthday, every year. ABV 6.4%
6 pack $13- to go only!

Gallagher's Irish Ale: A malt forward easy drinking Irish ale with subtle flavors of toffee and bread crust. This low abv ale is served on nitro to give it that creamy body that transports you to a pub in Ireland. Herbrucker hops. ABV: 4.4%
4oz $3.25, 10oz $4.75, 16oz $6.25, growler fill N/A

9lb Porter: Brewed for our friends at the 9 Pound Hammer here in Georgetown, this is an exceptionally flavorful medium bodied porter. We use tons of Chocolate, Munich, and Roasted Malt, then blend it with Centennial, Summit and Chinook hops to create what we like to call Roasted Chocolaty Goodness. Mmm... porter. ABV 6.4%
4oz $2.25, 10oz $3.75, 16oz $5.25, 6 pack $10, growler fill $9

Maggie's Dry Irish Stout: We brewed this beer on the Tiny Town system a few times before we realized it was time to make a big batch. Zach calls it a "light dark beer" - roasty and smooth, satisfying yet sessionable. On nitro! ABV 4.2%
4oz $2.25, 10oz $3.75, 16oz $5.25, growler fill N/A


It's Anna, Anna's the Problem Key Lime Gose: Brewer Craig took our gose base and added a big ol' bag of key lime puree and lactose (to imitate condensed milk, because that's the only way to make key lime pie). With tasting notes of bright key lime citrus and graham cracker crust in the finish, it's not too sweet and not too dry. Contains wheat, lactose.
4oz $2.75, 10oz $4.25, 16oz $5.75,

Prickly Pear Gose: Sweetness from ruby red prickly pear puree balances the light tartness of this kettle soured gose. The barely-there salinity from sea salt lingers in the foam, but notes of ripe red summer fruit and a gorgeous ruby color from the prickly pear steals the show. Contains wheat. ABV 4.5%
4oz $3.25, 10oz $4.75, 16oz $6.25, growler fill $11 

Sea of Life Pomegranate Sour Wild Ale: The sweetness of pomegranate fruit juice tempers the prominent lactic acidity and brett funk of our golden wild ale while imbuing it with a dusky pink and gold sunset hue. Contains wheat. ABV 5.2%
4oz $4.25, 10oz $6.25, 22oz bottle $13


Timber City Ginger rotating seasonals - gluten free options from our neighbors in South Park

Peach Pounder Seltzer: ABV 5%  
4oz $2.75, 10oz $4.25, 16oz $5.75

Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer from Timber City
16oz can $5

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