Events in Washington

  • Tuesday, March 28

    Kraken Congee, 7-9pm

    Trivia Night

    Alleycat Acres and Trivia Master Kevin Obis will be hosting a Trivia night at Kraken Congee. Drink specials on Gtown beers, and probably some sweet swag for the winners. Bring your team with the greenest of thumbs, as there will be a caterory all about garden tools!
  • Thursday, March 30

    8th St. Ale House, Hoquiam, 6pm

    Georgetown Brewing Night

    Hoquiam’s name comes from a Native-American word meaning "hungry for wood", so named from the great amount of driftwood at the mouth of the Hoquiam River. For the last Thursday of the month, be sure to come hungry for beer! (how was that segue? good? I think it was a stretch, but sometimes you just gotta put it out there) Great beers, food pairings, prizes and Garrett! 
  • Thursday, March 30

    Coopers’s Alehouse, 6-9pm

    Georgetown Brewing Night

    Enjoy specials on Gtown beers, maybe an extrasuperspecial limited beer for the taps, Marzano raffling off swag, and knowing that the next day is Friday...
  • Sunday, April 2

    Beveridge Place Pub, 2-6pm


    In the 1960’s, the CIA had a program, Acoustic Kitty, that used cats to spy on the Kremlin. The $20 million project transplanted a small microphone and transmitter in a common house cat. The program was said to have ended abruptly when the first cat was released to eavesdrop on two men in a park, but was hit by a taxi. CONFLICTING accounts say the cat lived a long, happy life. WHO DO YOU BELIEVE? Celebrate all cats, treasonous and not (jk, they are all treasonous) with this annual superfun event. Door prizes, casino style games, snacks and Georgetown employees manning the craps table. Speaking of which, Jrob is terrible at craps, so chances are high for good payouts. It’s a fun filled afternoon with a high possibility of cats! Just like at my house! Everyday!
  • Wednesday, April 5

    Columbia City Ale House, 6pm

    Mary Lou Kentucky Common Beer Release

    Well kiss my grits, it's time to get corny! Columbia City will be tapping a keg of Mary Lou, our version of the rare historic style, Kentucky Common, that was brewed the day after International Women’s Day in honor of all the Mary Lous out there gettin’ it done. It's a golden colored, light-flavored, malt accented beer with a dry finish, and in true Kentucky fashion, brewed with 200lbs of fancy grits. Aw shucks!
  • Wednesday, April 5

    Mike’s Tavern, Sunset Cafe and Keg Cellar Tavern, 5pm start

    Cle Elum Pub Crawl

    Sometimes, there are no answers. Like when I Googled™ “whats better for you gummi bears or potato chip” I did not get a satisfactory answer. In fact, most of the answers were along the lines of healthier options for both those items, which is CLEARLY not what I asked (I picked a spoonful of peanut butter). Anyway, when I asked Jrob what this was all about, he told me that it started at 5pm and we would have beer on at all 3 locations, but that was it. Knowing that Cle Elum is a tight knit community, I suspect that if you were to show up at any one of those locations in the 4 block radius, someone will be sure to point you in the right direction to the action. 
  • Thursday, April 6

    Beveridge Place Pub, 6pm

    Beveridge Place Pub Anniversary

    Time once again when we hoist our pints to toast the good folks at the BPP, providing a home away from home for Gtown folks at their 6413 address since 2008. Celebrate some old traditions, and maybe some new ones, and toast the BPP on another year!  Jrob has squirreled, and I mean SQUIRRELED, away something like 15 specialty kegs for this event, so it’s going to be be crazy. 
  • Thursday, April 6

    Aston Manor, 6-10pm

    Beer For A Cause

    Come out and help raise some dough for Full Life Care! Mr. Sounder himself, Zach Scott, will be the guest emcee for the evening. There’s no cover to get in, just buy some drinks and get in on the bidding action! Full Life Care helps adults of all ages with chronic illnesses, and physical or developmental disabilities, and is dedicated to improving people’s lives and supporting caregivers. This is a great organization, and we are proud to be involved every year!
  • Saturday, April 8

    4-5pm start at The Bridge

    West Seattle Easter Pub Crawl

    This pastel themed pub crawl starts at the Bridge, with 3 tasty Gtown beers on tap to choose from. Not sure where the crawls goes from there, but I’m hoping you just have to follow the eggs. And I really hope they are chocolate. 
  • Thursday, April 13

    Steady Flow Growler House, Spokane Valley, 5-7pm

    Georgetown Tasting

    Stefanie will be hosting this tasting event with a couple choice brews direct from the brewery, and maybe probably most likely will have some swag to raffle off. Find a pint you can’t live without? The good folks at SFGH will be happy to fill your growler to go!
  • Wednesday, April 19

    Naches Tavern, 6pm

    Brewery Night with Lagunitas

    Our good friends at Lagunitas asked to team up for a joint promo night at the Naches. Garrett will be co-hosting. Ha ha, “joint promo”. 
  • Wednesday, April 19

    LTD, 6-9pm

    Brewer’s Night

    Apparently, sources say, Apple is working on some augmented reality Google-Glass sumsuch thing that will be powered by your iPhone to make your life even more, whatever. First, I would just like to say that if we had all been given hovercrafts, this insinuation of technology into our lives would probably not be so prevalent. Like, when I see people walking around with Bluetooths in their ear, I know it’s because they were promised Korben Dallas’ cab and all they got was Ruby Rhod’s headset. ANYWAY, the reality Tim Cook will never be able to virtually augment is beer, so let’s enjoy it now before we’re hunting whalezbro beer pellets for the Supermicrowave.  
  • Wednesday, April 26

    Blue Moon Tavern, 6-8pm

    Brewer’s Night

    Celebrating their 83rd year anniversary all April long is one of Roger’s favorite places to toss back a pint or two - and in this day and age, you have to admit, that kind of staying power deserves some celebration. Come for the beer, swag raffling and sociable Jrob action, stay for the open mic night. 
  • Thursday, April 27

    Wook's Craft and Cork, Richland, 7-9pm

    Tap Takeover

    Stefanie has promised 4 handles of Gtown beer, swag giveaways, and a grand prize of a growler with a fill of your choice of Georgetown beer to go. Her roommate has a cat, so I’m inclined to trust whatever Stef says. 
  • Saturday, April 29

    Safeco Field, 1-4pm and 7-10pm

    Bacon & Beer Classic

    It’s like a porky, smoky Field of Dreams, if the part of Ray Kinsella was played by a cured ham. This event would probably not be nearly as popular if it was "Beer & Kale Klassic", so lucky for you, it is not. A ton of breweries, a mess of restaurants, and a bacon eating contest. If you smoke it, they will come. 
  • Saturday, April 29

    Depot Market Square, Bellingham, 5:30-10pm

    April Brews Day

    This brew fest raises money for the awesome Max Higbee Center, an organization that provides recreation programs for teens and adults with developmental disabilities.  Buy a VIP ticket and get in early for an extra hour of fun! 
  • Saturday, April 29

    Southridge Sports and Events Complex, Kennewick, 12-6pm

    Tri Cities Craft Beer Festival

    Join us for the inaugural Tri-Cities Craft Beer Festival at the Southridge Sports and Events Complex in Kennewick! This event will feature 35 Washington craft breweries pouring more than 100+ craft beers from the Home of the Hops.

Events in Oregon

  • Wednesday, March 29

    OMSI, Portland, 6-10 pm

    OMSI After Dark

    Sean will be pouring some Gtown beer samples at OMSI After Dark, a 21+ event. The night's theme is "Science of ’97”, when Google was in its infancy and Dolly the sheep made headlines. Sean will be playing "Candle in the Wind" on repeat to get in the proper pre-Y2K mood.  
  • Thursday, March 30

    The Ship Tavern, Portland 8-10pm

    Georgetown Night

    8-10pm seems a little late for someone that needs his beauty sleep, but that just means a higher chance of Seannanigans! Gtown beers on special and swaggy giveaways!
    The Ship Tavern, it’s where Ship happens. (imma just put that there and walk away)

Events in Idaho

  • Wednesday, March 29

    Idaho Pour Authority, 4:30-7:30pm

    Idaho Conservation League fundraiser

    A little meet n' greet fundraiser benefitting the Idaho Conservation League. Stefanie will be there with some Gtown beer on tap, and my spidey senses are telling me there will be some live music and snacks.

Events in California

  • Saturday, April 8

    Grace Pavilion Sonoma County Fair Grounds, Santa Rosa, 1-8pm

    Battle of the Brews

    It’s a beer battle royale with bonus Sandwich Showdown! Adam will be there with a keg of our harder-to-find Bodhizafa IPA - you know, that beer that beat out 312 other IPAs at the Great American Beer Festival to win gold? Not that anyone is counting or anything...
  • Saturday, April 29

    Mendocino County Fairgrounds, Boonville, CA, 1-6pm

    21st Annual Anderson Valley Boonville Beer Fest

    It’s a beer festival, y’all. Like Coachella, but with fewer flower headbands. OR NOT, I DON’T KNOW! IT’S OUR FIRST TIME THERE! But there’s beer, music, and some guy in a bear/deer/beer costume that is probably super warm so please be nice to him/her. 

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