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Month of October Hoptoberfest, Beveridge Place Pub, Sept 29-Nov 1

Hoptoberfest isn’t just a celebration of sweet sweet liquid lupulin, it’s also the time of year that you, yes YOU, help elect the house IPA for the next year. All you have to do is what you are probably already doing: go to BPP, get a pint of any IPA, get a ballot, and vote! Bodhizafa is in group B, meaning you can vote to get us in to the Elite Eight until Oct 5th. Vote early and often!

Oct 01: Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival, Millennium Plaza, 5pm

What better place to have a fresh hop fest than in the hop heartland? We truly have an embarrassment of riches here in the Northwest when it comes to hops - it’s easy to forget how lucky we are. Head out to this fest and you are sure to have bragging rights for the rest of the year when you get the chance to drink more fresh hop beers than maybe anywhere on the face of the earth. VIP tickets are sold out (meaning no VIP bathroom access for you), but you still have a chance to get regular ol’ tickets. We’ve got our Fresh Hop Johnny Utah and Fresh Eddie Haskell IPA set aside for the trip over the mountains. Moar fresh hops!!!!

Oct 06: Adventure Run Seattle, 1st Thursday every month through November

It’s the seventh installment of this year’s Adventure Run Series. Start at Roadrunner Sports and collect raffle tickets throughout the neighborhood, running, jogging, or walking to each checkpoint. At the end, drink a pint to raise money for The Ethiopia Project.

Oct 08: Manito Tap House Fresh Hop Fest, Spokane, 11am

Not only is Manito Tap House offering 24 handles of fresh hops, but as a thank you to to their customers, all draft beers will be on special all day. They open at 11am, but from 5-9pm they’ll have swag giveaways, free pint glasses with purchase, and a piñata bashing. I really want that piñata to be filled with hops. Or candy. Mostly candy.

Oct 10: Manny Night Football, Fiddler's Inn, 5:30pm

Football season is officially here, meaning it’s time to whip out the encyclopedia so you can study up on muffed punts, wildcat formations and the tuck rule repeal. One thing you might also want to brush up on: beer drinking. Root against either the Buccaneers or the Panthers depending on your phantasy phootball standings. Georgetown beers will be on special, but Tom Brady ball jokes (still) are free all night.

Oct 14: Fresh Hop Friday, Chuck’s Hop Shop CD, 6-8pm.

Chuck’s in the CD has been hosting a Fresh Hop Friday during this year’s fresh hop season. Judging by the calendar, it looks like we’re bringing up the rear and hosting the last one of the season. Jrob’s set aside a keg of Fresh Eddie Haskell IPA for draft and a bar top cask of Fresh Johnny Utah. So fresh (fresh), exciting!!!!

Oct 14-15: 4th Annual Freshtival, Lantern Tap House, Spokane

Get ready to get yer fresh on! Lantern Tap House is hosting a 2 day Fresh Hop Freshtival to rival all others. Having 30 or so fresh hop beers means they had to split the Freshtival into two days. On the 14th they’ll have fresh hop beers from the Southern part of the PacNW, and on the 15th they’ll have fresh hop beers from the Northern region. If you want to catch our Fresh Johnny Utah, you’ll have to go on the 15th, but honestly, get your fill of fresh while you can...

Oct 15: Knights of Columbus Oktoberfest, St. Jude’s, Redmond, 6:30-9pm

If the Oktoberfest fatigue has not settled in yet, or you are just looking for a little neighborhood fest fun, this fest might just be the ticket. Open to the public, this event helps the local food bank and community programs. Mat normally pours, but he’s going to Hawaii with his family. Whatevs Mat. Enjoy your palm trees.

10526 166th Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052, 425-883-7685

Oct 21: Adventure Run Kent, 3rd Thursday every month through November

Start at Roadrunner Sports and collect raffle tickets throughout the neighborhood, running, jogging, or walking to each checkpoint. At the end, drink a pint to raise money for The Ethiopia Project.

Oct 24: Manny Night Football, Fiddler’s Inn, 5:30pm

It’s the Texans versus the Broncos. I don’t even know who to root for, so let’s just ignore that for a minute and ask a question. With mics on the refs, why do they even have hand signals anymore? You know, if you string a bunch of signals together, you could probably eventually do the Macarena. Touchdown+illegal touching+legal touching of forward pass+safety = YMCA. Substitution infraction+delay of game+offside defense = The 3 Amigos. I could do this all day...

Oct 28: BAM Sound & Vision, Bellevue Art Museum, 6pm

It’s the last Sound & Vision of the year! Start your weekend with music from The Cumbieros, a Seattle-born multi-national cumbia band made up of talented musicians from Chile, Brazil, and North America. Get ready to shake it, because their goal is to get you on the dance floor. No word on what exhibit might be showing, but the BAM Biennial opened September 30th, so maybe you’ll still have a chance to catch it.

Oct 28-29: Snohomish Brewfest, Snohomish Event Center

Near the wild banks of the Snohomish River, where eagles soar and salmon spawn, returns the annual Snohomish Brewfest. You’ve got 3 sessions to choose from to get yr beer festival on. No sausage dinner this year, but there WILL be beer pong.

Oct 29: Georgetown promo, Monterey Pub & Grub, Cheney, 4-6pm

It’s homecoming with the Eagles vs. Griz ("suck it, JRob” - Stefanie) The game is at 12:35, but the after party is at Monterey Pub & Grub. Swag raffling, Gtown beer specials and pizza. All the necessary ingredients for celebrating a win.


Oct 6: Georgetown promo, Westside Taphouse, Salem, 6-8pm

Ah Salem, capital of the Oregon Territory, originally known as Chim-i-ki-ti, which means "meeting or resting place” in the language of the local Native Americans, the Kalapuya. You can both meet and rest at Westide Taphouse when Sean hosts a Gtown promo night. Fresh Johnny Utah, Gusto Crema Coffee Ale, No. 10 Rye Pale, Bodhizafa IPA, and 9 lb. Porter will be on tap along with the compulsory swag giveaways.

Oct 20: Oysters & Ales, Bella Union, Jacksonville, 6-8pm

It’s an oyster and beer lover’s dream. No not Sean, oysters and beer, duh. But Sean will be there, offering samples of the Gtown beer on the patio, which you can delightfully pair up with some oysters on the half shell and live music.

Oct 21: Georgetown promo, Laughing Clam, Grants Pass, 6-8pm

First oysters and now clams? What headless bivalve is next? Georgetown beer specials and swag giveaways and award winning clam chowder await. Just add Sean and make it a meal!


Oct 07: Capone’s CDA 25th Anniversary party, Coeur d’Alene, 5pm

Naw, it’s not a Georgetown night, but it is a reason to celebrate. Swing by Capone’s to wish them a Happy 25th Anniversary and raise a glass in their honor. Happy 25th Capone’s - here’s to 25 more!