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Hoptoberfest, Beveridge Place Pub, Oct 02-Nov 04

Hoptoberfest isn't just a celebration of sweet sweet liquid lupulin, it's also the time of year that you, yes YOU, help elect the house IPA for the next year. All you have to do is what you are probably already doing: go to BPP, get a pint of any IPA, get a ballot, and vote! During the month the nominated beers get whittled down to the final 3 and the winner will be announced in early November. Who should you vote for? Well, we'd be happy to make a suggestion or two...or just the one really. *cough* Lucille *cough*

Oct 01: Trivia Night, J Michael's Pub & Eatery, Redmond, 8pm

Trivia nights are kind of like school for adults. You get quizzed on your knowledge, and there are always a bunch of No. 2 pencils laying around. Except, in this case, there is beer, and to quote David Lee Roth, "my homework was never quite like this". Join Jrob as he helps host Trivia Night at J. Michaels - Gtown beer specials for the night and Gtown prizes for the winners. Useless trivia time: when fruit flies are infected with a parasite, they self-medicate with booze - they will seek out food with higher alcohol content. And that is one to grow on...

Oct 02: Brew at the Zoo, 5:30-8:30pm

Think all brew fests are the same? Think again. This event at the zoo promises "live animal encounters". LIVE ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS PEOPLE! We're not talking about the pedestrian act of picking up random neighborhood cats against their will. No, this is where it gets real. Well, maybe. It would be responsible for me to caution you to not pick up any Asian small clawed otter you see (because, you know, small claws), but it seems like a safe bet that whatever you do encounter will be just a little more exotic than Rear Admiral Fluffenburger McWhiskerson III. There is also live music. LIVE MUSIC PEOPLE!

Oct 03-04: Macefield Music Fest, Ballard

Benefitting KEXP, this 2 day music fest is happening right in downtown Ballard, USA. 6 different venues will be hosting something like 70 different bands and comedy acts, so the $40 price for a 2 day pass is definitely worth the price of admission (single day passes also available). Why do we mention it? Well, there will be a beer garden and some of these venues will have some tasty Gtown beer on tap, and if I know my beer pairings, I know that a refreshing Manny's pairs really nicely with both THEESatisfaction and Mark Pickerel as much as NighTraiN and The Sonics.

Oct 05: Brät Trot and Bavarian Fest, Burien

It's that time of year again for Burien's annual Brät Trot (calls in to BT HQ regarding changing the name to "Weiner Parade" have gone unanswered). If you don't feel like running around Lake Burien, you can sponsor a runner and get someone to run for you, drink in the beer garden, or participate in the Pub Crawl Friday night. We're bringing Tomtoberfest to keep with the theme, but also some Lucille and eddie IPL - whatever it takes to help you replace electrolytes and wash down the sausage. Any way you slice the dog, it all goes to raising money for the Highline School District, so do it for the kids.

Oct 09: Georgetown Promo Night, Skep & Skein Tavern Olympia, 6pm

The stars have aligned, the tea leaves have been read, and I'm totally feeling my chakras balancing: Garrett must be hosting a promo night at S&S. While Skep & Skein might be known for their mead, they have a vast and ever changing beer selection to keep it fresh. And speaking of fresh, G-man will be bringing some eddie IPL to share with the people, so if you haven't had a chance to try it yet, skip on down to Skep for a pint. Or twirl on a moonbeam, whatever gets you there.

Oct 09: Georgetown Promo Night, Celtic Bayou, 5:30-7:30pm

The thing that kind of stinks about Happy Hour is that a lot of times you completely miss it unless you have flexible work hours or a cool boss. Well fret no more, my inflexible-uncool-boss-having friend. Washington State's only Cajun Irish bar has invited Jrob to host a little promo night where you'll get Happy Hour pricing until 7:30pm. Chances are good Jrob will also be bringing some swag to raffle off - perhaps one of our new eddie shirts? It could happen...

Oct 10: BREW Seattle, Fremont Foundry, 6-9pm

Last year was such a big hit, that Seattle Magazine is hosting their "Seattle breweries only" fest again this year. There will be music, giveaways and unlimited BBQ from Pinky's Kitchen. So, last night I had a dream about BBQ, and for part of that dream I was in a sort of Gordon Ramsay food competition where I had to make some kind of brisket and it turned out awesome even though I plated it on dirty tinfoil, and then at the last minute we had to use grapefruits in the dish and I decided to make a slaw with grapefruit and cucumber and mint. When I woke up, I had a hard time deciding if that would even work. I think it might. Also, there were biscuits in that dream. I just felt like I should mention that.

Oct 11: Rocktoberfest! Georgetown Brewery, 6:30-10:30pm

It's that time of year again! Please join us for an evening at Georgetown Brewing Co for beer, brats, fun, and the best all rock polka band this side of Frankfurt! Listen to Zeppelin, Van Leppard, and Def Halen played by true gentlemen in lederhosen. Ticket price includes two beer tickets and entertainment! Be sure to bring cash for a Dante's Inferno Brats, Extra Beers and Raffle Tickets. All proceeds from the evening benefit families at Seattle Children's Hospital.
Tickets are limited, so buy yours today.

Oct 11: Beer in the Barn Craft Beer Festival, Thomas Family Farm, Snohomish, 12-5pm

Spend the early part of your Saturday hanging out in a barn and drinking over 40 different beers from 20 different breweries. What's nice is this event is all ages, so go ahead and bring the tots. And if the kids get tired of watching you drink beer in the barn, you'll find a corn maze, a cow train and pumpkin patch. Funds raised go to Buddy's Foundation, a non profit dedicated to impacting local causes in the South Snohomish County community. If you go, will you tell me what a cow train is?

Oct 16: Thursday Night Football, Fuel, 8:25pm Eastern/5:25pm Pacific

We're right in the thick of the gridiron season, so even though some team that's not the Seahawks is playing some other team that's not the Seahawks, so what? This is where you'll want to be. $4 Manny's pints during the game, raffles for swag, and a half-time football toss that will put your name in the hat for a trip to Las Vegas, a city that does not have a football team.

Oct 18: St. Jude's Oktoberfest, 6:30-9pm

If the Fest fatigue has not settled in yet, or you are just looking for a little neighborhood fest fun, this Knights of Columbus fundraiser might just be the ticket.
10526 166th Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052, 425-883-7685

Oct 20: Brewer's Night, Collective on Tap, Woodinville, 6-8pm

Who can argue with a snack called the "Pretzel Beer Sponge"? You can't, do you know why? Because it includes queso cheese, which is Spanish for "cheese cheese", and lord knows I love a good cheese. Lest you think it's all about food, you should know that Collective knows their beers - they have 41 taps, with a righteous beer on each and every one. Add to the mix Jrob hosting a brewer's night, and you have all the makings for a great Monday out. And hey, Gtown pints are only $4, which makes washing down all the pretzel and cheese cheese that much more enjoyable.

Oct 24: Georgetown promo, Whistle Stop Grocery, Everett, 4-8pm

Whoo! It's Friday night! What better way to start the weekend by A: leaving work juuuust a leeeetle early and B: dranking some beers. Gtown beers will be on special as the day turns to evening and the evening turns to night. And, if you find something you like, you can get it in a growler to go to enjoy with friends and relatives over the weekend. Jrob will be on hand to answer any questions, maybe hand out some swag, or maybe you should ask him about his Fantasy Football team #killingit

Oct 24-25: Snohomish Brewfest, Snohomish Events Center, Fri 6-10pm, Sat 12-4pm and 5-9pm

Ahh Autumn - leaves fall from the trees, an extra blanket gets thrown on the bed, pumpkin spice infects normally sane foodstuffs, and Sunday mornings are now spent consoling myself over George Clooney's marriage with bags of Gardettos Roasted Garlic Rye Chips™ and Facts of Life reruns starring George Clooney's mullet.... yes, Fall truly is the season of change. Celebrate the season with this fundraiser for the Snohomish Senior Center. Whether you buy a regular ticket or upgrade to VIP, you'll get a coupon good toward a sausage dinner. Not to sound like your mom, but don't have sausage snack beforehand because you'll just ruin your sausage dinner.


Oct 16: Georgetown Tap Takeover, Red Hills Market, Dundee, 5-8 pm

Who's ready for a tap takeover? Red Hills will be pouring Gtown beers exclusively for the evening - Roger's, Tomtoberfest, Manny's, Georgetown Porter, eddie, and Lucille. Bring your appetite and plan on relaxing. It's not just a market where you can pick up a deli sandwich or an "unusual sausage" (their words, not mine) to go, but the family that owns the business made a point of creating a comfortable neighborhood hangout with a stellar menu to pair with the beers and wines on tap. Sean will be there, but instead of pouring samples, maybe he'll challenge you to a spirited game of bocce ball or fill you in on his Fantasy Football team #notkillingit