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Nov 01: Georgetown Brewing Growler Guys Tri Cities tasting

Growler Guys is fast becoming known as the go-to spot for growler filling. With 42 rotating taps and a super knowledgeable staff, the Growler Guys and Growler Gals have you covered. This Saturday, they’ve invited Jrob to the party and he’s bringing the refreshments. Manny’s, Lucille, Porter, Tomdunkel, eddie IPL, and Johnny Utah will all be making their way to the Tri-Cities so you will have plenty to choose from for your Day Of The Dead celebration.

Nov 04: Georgetown Brewing Night, Flatstick Pub, 7-9pm

Is this maybe one of the most genius ideas ever? Yes, yes it is. A Washington craft beer and cider pub with indoor mini golf. I can think of no better place to be on Election Day than enjoying a mini round of mini golf, and maybe a maxi round of maxi beers. Jrob will be on hand to raffle off some swag, talk about the beer and show off his swing, so hutt hutt your butt butt over to the putt putt course and get yr golf on!

Nov 06-07: Cask O Rama BPP 6pm

Hoptober might be over, but we’re rolling right on into Hopvember with the BPP. To celebrate, 24 casks of IPA get rounded up and slapped on the bar in the hopes of satiating your bloodthirsty demand for hops, more and more hops!!!!!! (would that be “hopthirsty”? either way, it won’t happen) It’s also the night they'll announce the winning IPA that will have the honor of being BPP’s 2015 House IPA. ps - Voting continues until Nov 4th, so after you vote for local legislators, swing by to enjoy a pint and cast a vote everyone can agree is far more delicious.

Nov 08: Winter Pineapple Classic, North Bend

Ah yes, Hawai’i in November, it’s such a lovely time of year. Gentle ocean breezes, the slight tang of salt in the air, the sunsets… but if you don’t have the time to get there, why not drive up to North Bend and participate in Washington’s only 5K obstacle course that includes holding a pineapple? I mean, it’s practically the same thing, give or take a palm tree or two. For the 10th year, Leukemia Lymphoma Society hosts the Winter Pineapple Classic, all in the name of raising money to fight blood cancers. And mud. There will be some mud. Enjoy a post race pig roast with a ton of Georgetown beer flowing thru the taps, plus a “special" keg of eddie on the course - but you’ll have to sign up to see what makes it so special!

Nov 08: PNA Winter Beer Taste, 7pm

I just checked out the list of beers for this event, and it is clear no one is kidding around. It’s going to be darker than a black cat at night and heavier than a fruitcake in July. Voted one of the most fun beer tasting events in the city through an informal poll of brewery employees, a ticket to this event is worth every penny, so make sure you actually get one.

Nov 08: Reel Rock 9: Fundraiser for American Alpine Club, Vertical World, 8pm

It’s a fundraiser party for climbers, by climbers! Even if you’re like me, and “climbing” might just be getting on the step ladder to get down the leftover Halloween candy, you’ll still have a great time. Schmancy raffle prizes from some serious gear companies, and a lot of Georgetown beer on tap will make it that much better. Maybe better than leftover Halloween candy. Just kidding. Kind of like how there’s no such thing as extra bacon, there’s no such thing as “leftover" candy.

Nov 12: Outdoors for All "Pray For Snow” fundraiser, Red Door, 6pm

It's that time of year when certain folks start to get all itchy for the first feathery ice crystals that typically display a delicate sixfold symmetry to fall from the sky. Come together with your fellow snowbirds at the Red Door for this fundraiser for Outdoors for All, an organization dedicated to providing outdoor recreation opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. Amazing snowy prizes and not-so-snowy beer specials.

Nov 13: Georgetown Beer Night, Creekside Alehouse, Lake Stevens, 6-8pm

The Creekside is a Lake Stevens institution, so we’re honored to be invited in for a Brewer’s Night. Settle in for a cozy night with good beer (perhaps some Manny’s, Chopper’s and Johnny Utah), good food (a delicious Creekside Clutter burger, mayhaps?), and good company (that would be Jrob, of course).

Nov 15: Taste of Tulalip

Get your tickets to sip, savor & learn about award winning food, wine and beer at this year’s ToT. The food nerd in me let out a barely audible “squeee” when I saw Chef Ming Tsai will be hosting. See, Chef Tsai is a bit of a celebrity in our household. His show Simply Ming usually comes on late at night, right about the time a bag of Ranch Bugles come out - coincidence? Even more of a coincidence, one of last years ToT chefs, Kristen Kish, was on Simply Ming once when she made a soup that was basically 3 sticks of butter. Even I have my limits.

ov 17: Trivia Night, Tracyton Public House, Bremerton, 6pm

The tater tots at Tracyton have been described on a certain crowd sourced review site that rhymes with “schmelp” as “amaze balls”. I think I’ve said enough on the subject. However, in regards to this particular night, let me elaborate to say Gtown will be in the house, there will be some drink specials, and there will be some Gtown swag for trivia winners.

Nov 17: Monday Night Fooootball, Fuel, 5:30pm Pacific Time

Look guys, the Seahawks can’t play every night. They need a night off too, so let the Steelers and Titans take this one so our boys in blue and green can get some rest. Lucille specials during the game, plus giveaways, raffles, and a chance to win a trip to Vegas!

Nov 29: Eddie IPL Launch, The Forum, Puyallup, 7-9pm

THIS EVENT HAS MOVED! Now the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving, you can put up your feet after an exhausting night of digesting food. Or shopping. Or avoiding shopping. Or all of the above. Take some time for yourself and your closest loved ones, and spend a night with Garrett to celebrate our first full-time beer in a few years, eddie IPL. Lots of hops, lots of fun, no pie.

Early Warning

Dec 01-31: Taphouse Grill, downtown and Bellevue locations

During the month of December, $1 from any Gtown pint sold gets donated to Seattle Children's. If you can't drink for the kids, who can you drink for?


Nov 22: Pray for Snow Winter Ale Fest, Tom Grainey's, Boise 2-9pm

If maple syrup pentagrams and puffy vest sacrifices aren’t really your speed, maybe this event is. For the low low price of $25, you can get a ticket to this 2nd Annual Ale Fest. Live bands, cigar tent, snowboard/ski rail jam, whiskey sampling, and whaaat unlimited tastings from over 30 breweries? Praise the snowy clouds above!


Nov 13: Oysters & Ales, Bella Union, Jacksonville, 6-8pm

It’s an oyster and beer lover’s dream. No not Sean, oysters and beer, duh. But Sean will be there, offering samples of the Gtown beer on special for the night, which you can delightfully pair up with some oysters, also on special, fixed up any way you like them - raw, cooked, barely cooked, over cooked, whatevs. There’s no judgement here.