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Nov 03: Next Door Annex promo, Port Angeles, 4-7pm

Next door to Next Door Gastropub is Next Door Annex, a beer-to-go spot where Garrett will be drinking beer, chatting about beer, and raffling off beer-related items - can you sense the theme? Head for the shoreline of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, because you know what they say about Port Angeles - you can't spell "party" without PA! (ok, no one says that).

Nov 05: Cask-O-Rama, winner announced, BPP, 6pm

Hoptober might be over, but we're rolling right on into Hopvember with the BPP. To celebrate, 24 casks of IPA get rounded up and slapped on the bar in the hopes of satiating your bloodthirsty demand for hops. It's also the night they'll announce the winning IPA that will have the honor of being BPP's 2016 House IPA. Little birds, spidey senses and magic 8 balls are all predicting a cask of Bodhi will be our contribution, but you'll only know if you go. ps - voting continues until Nov 3rd, so after you vote for local legislators, swing by to enjoy a pint and cast a vote everyone can agree is far more delicious.

Nov 08: Winter Pineapple Classic 5K, Marymoor Park

If you haven't signed up for the awesomest 5K where you have to get through obstacles while holding a pineapple, best get on it. Put your team together, put your costumes together (optional, but always in fashion), and put your money raising skills together. It's the 10th year for this fundraiser for Leukemia Lymphoma Society, and it's moved back closer to Seattle, so you can sleep in a little longer. Free flowing beer and luau post race!

Nov 10: Georgetown promo, The Westy, 5-7pm

Nov 2-15, The Westy will have 4-5 of our beers on tap for your imbibing gratification. On the 10th, however, Jrob and Marzano will be bringing some special somethings for the taps. Jrob says "maybe barrel aged stuff if Tom ever kegs it" which seems like a passive aggressive way of telling Tom to keg the barrel aged Chopper's and Porter in the back, already. I guess it's better than an anonymous post-it note in the break room.

Nov 11: Georgetown promo, Toronado, 6-8pm

Lucille gets poured pretty frequently at the original historic Toronado in San Francisco, but it will be our first time on tap at the Seattle location that opened just over a year ago. There's a good chance that whatever 3 beers Marzano brings are going to be nice and hoppy, but you never know - he's full of surprises. It's also a Take the Pint Night, so make room on your shelf for a new glass.

Nov 13: Point Break Night, Eastside Club, Olympia, 7pm

I'm just going to put this out there - get your hotel room booked now. Both Garrett and Sean are involved with this, so that already tells you this is going to be a ridiculous night to remember. Pull that old Body Glove wetsuit out of retirement and come dressed as your favorite FBI agent or bank robbing surfer dude. Point Break will be playing on the screen, and you'll get to reenact scenes from the movie, or maybe there will just be a lot of yelling, it's hard to say. Johnny Utah, Bodhizafa and Tyler will all be on tap for the night.

Nov 14: Phinney Neighborhood Association Winter Beer Taste, 6:15-10pm

It's time for Beer Wars: The Wort Awakens. Voted one of the best beer tasting events in the city through an informal poll of brewery employees, a ticket to this event is worth every penny, and you don't have to wait in line overnight. The always charming Marzano will be there to pour your Gtown beer and do Admiral Ackbar impersonations. Time to cut the chatter - accelerate to attack speed!

Nov 14: 7th Annual Taste of Tulalip Grand Taste, Tulalip Casino, 1:30-6pm

Get in at 1:30 with your All Access Pass, 2:30 with a regular ticket. Indulge in superior food and drink, presentations from award winning chefs and sommeliers, AND something called the Rock n' Roll cooking challenge (mandolins vs. mandolines?). Plus beer! Bill Wixey is hosting, so you must go. Seriously, aside from being a super nice guy, that hair is even more impressive in person. A portion of proceeds will benefit Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors.

Nov 17: Georgetown promo, Art Marble 21, 7-9pm

Here's an event that got booked just before press time. Word is Manny's and Lucy will be on special, maybe something else you haven't tried before, while you play bocce and billiards for prizes. I doubt this is some kind of Color of Money deal, but it bears repeating: pool excellence is *not* about excellent pool.

Nov 17: Georgetown promo, Puget Sound Pizza, 6pm

Garrett says this is just a regular ol' beer n' pizza night, and who couldn't use one of those every once in awhile? Get your friends and order a pitcher and some pizza - boom! done! They have sandwiches too, but I'm pretty sure no one has ever gotten excited over "Sandwich Night". Beers will likely be on special, and, as for Garrett, he's always special. Free refills on Pibb Xtra for your designated driver.

Nov 18: Georgetown promo, Super Deli Mart, 5-8pm

Don't judge a book by its cover - it looks like any ol' mini mart, but it's actually a super stealth craft beer bar. Sure, you can get a Cheesy British with a bag of Bugles, but you can also get a pint of delicious beer to wash it down. Sounds like Jrob will be bringing enough Gtown beers to qualify as a Tap Takeover, but which beers are anyone's guess...

Nov 19: NW Mitochondrial Research Guild fundraiser, Duke's Chowder House Greenlake, 5-10pm

Grab your friends, or make some new ones, and enjoy dinner and drinks knowing a portion of sales will be going to help fund research and care for children dealing with this rare but devastating disease. I can think of harder ways to raise money than eating crab cakes and drinking a pint of Manny's. Like, way harder.

Nov 25: Pray for Snow, Red Door, Outdoors for All fundraiser, 7-10pm

It's that time of year when skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers, and all manner of shooshers alike make offerings of maple syrup and sacrifice a golden puffy vest on the frosty altar of the Winter Gods in the hopes of a good Snow Harvest. This event at the Red Door ups the ante by making it a fundraiser for Outdoors for All, an organization dedicated to providing outdoor recreation opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. Amazing prizes and beer specials, and perhaps some much needed time away from family obligations - just tell them it's for a good cause. Or tell them you're shopping for their holiday gifts - that's a totally legit excuse since you can pick up some awesome snow sports stuff at the auction.

Nov 25: Georgetown promo, Swim Deck, Port Orchard, 5-7pm

Your chance for a little pre-Thanksgiving chill out time with Garrett. The timing might seem awkward, but think about it - you need a break, don't you? Yeah you do.

Nov 30: Monday Night Football, Fuel, 5:30pm

We're right in the thick of the gridiron season, so even though some team named after a color that's not the Seahawks is playing some other team that's named after an animal AND color and is also not the Seahawks, so what? Football, guys! Specials on Gtown pints during the game, raffles for swag, and a half-time football toss. And maybe Jell-O shots with Jrob, though, I hear he's more of a pudding guy.


Nov 06: Georgetown promo, Growler USA, Eugene, 6-8pm

Get that weekend started right with a post-work Friday night promo at Growler USA. Sean's heading to Eugene with some great beers for the taps, and some stuff to give out. He can give you the lowdown on the beers, and you can ask him how Sean Week is going.

Nov 12: Georgetown promo, Cornucopia 5th Ave, Eugene, 7-9pm

Cornucopia, aka The Corn on 5th, hosts breweries every Thursday night, and Sean will be bringing his horn of plenty filled with darn tasty Georgetown beer and raffle swag. We'll have a couple brews on tap for your pint drinking pleasure, or you can get $1 off growlers of any Gtown beer to-go. Don't get crazy tho - you still have one more work day until the weekend.


Nov 11: Georgetown promo, Pour Authority, Sandpoint, 5-8pm

When you google Pour Authority Sandpoint, results return this: Sandpoint's premier craft beer, cheese and chocolate shop. Now, I didn't see chocolate listed anywhere on their website, so maybe it's one of those secret handshake things? What I did see is a whole lot of delicious beer, and some protein packed cheese and meat snacks to fill that tiny snack hole in your stomach. We'll help fill the beer hole with somewhere around 4-6 handles of tasty Gtown beer - not sure which, just whatever Stefanie decides to bring along. Remember: secret chocolate handshake!

Nov 19: Georgetown promo, Bier:Thirty, Boise, ?pm

Come hang out with the Gtown crew at one of Boise's best beer bars. Details are taking a little longer to get here all the way from Boise, some kind of rift in the space/time wormhole or something, but I suspect the good folks at Bier:Thirty can give you the low down. Or just show up. Yeah, just do that.

Nov 21: Pray for Snow Winter Ale Fest, Tom Grainey's, Boise 2-9pm

Details on this event are also still hazy, but who doesn't love surprises? Just show up and see what happens. Past years have had: Live bands, cigar tent, snowboard/ski rail jam, whiskey sampling, raffles and beer drinking. Our new rep for way out East, Stefanie, will be there, which means chances of Gtown beer drinking are high.