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Apr 16: Swiss first-ever beer dinner, 6:30pm

The Swiss has been around for a 100 years (for realz, est. 1913) but they have yet to host a beer dinner. All that is about to change. Details are fuzzy to nebulous at this point, but best guess is we’ll be bringing 5-6 kinds of beers and The Swiss will pair them up with 5-6 delicious courses. Fingers crossed for pan fried oysters!

Apr 19: Brewers Night, Steilacoom Pub & Grill, 7pm

we chat about beer
we also raffle prizes
Saturday night fun

Apr 24: Beveridge Place Pub Anniversary, 6pm

It’s that time when we raise a glass to the BPP, thanking our collective lucky stars that such a great beer bar is so close to home (and for about 25% of GTown staff, that means walking distance). To be honest, we probably do this more than once a year, but it’s a special occasion so the clear keg will be making its first appearance of 2014. Filled with what we couldn’t quite say, but it will be a brew befitting the occasion. Swing by and toast the BPP on another year!

Apr 26: April Brews Day, Depot Market Square, Bellingham 6:30-10pm

This brew fest raises money for the awesome Max Higbee Center, an organization that provides recreation programs for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. Buy a VIP ticket and get in early for an extra hour of fun!

April 26: Taste of Independence, Mt. Baker Community Club House, 7-11pm

Independence Guide Dogs, started by friend o’ the brewery Toby Willis, serves to increase independence for blind individuals by placing guide dogs free of charge. Last year, brewer Tom whipped up a teeny tiny 1.5 barrel batch of Baltic Porter, we named it after Toby’s guide dog Zakai, and about 10 people got the chance to taste it (ok, maybe more than 10 people). This year we’ve brewed up more, a bunch more, so we could have it in growlers BUT your first chance to try it will be at this fundraiser.

May 03: Raybock Release, Die Bierstube, 6pm

Raybock is maibock
we lager to perfection
tap handle needs goat

Seattle Beer Week May 8-18

best time of the year
this looks longer than a week
there is none more beer

May 10: Barleywood Squares, Naked City, 12-3pm

old style game show
Peter Marshall would be proud
circle gets the square

May 12: Cask Night, 74th St. Alehouse, 5pm

bubbles come from yeast
natural carbonation
eat the sugar now!

May 12: Taps n’ Trivia, Great Nabob, 8pm

big brains Marzano
10 Gtown beers on the taps
smarties always win

May 12: Trivia Night, Firehouse, Buckley 6pm

Garrett knows some things
but will he know enough stuff
hard to say…maybe?

May 13: Seattle Beer Week Brewer’s Dinner, Brave Horse Tavern, 6:30pm

one beer made by six
breweries come together
celebrate the beer

May 14: Bob's Brown Ale release! Nickerson Street Saloon, 3pm

Bob's birthday is the day we release our limited edition Bob's Brown Ale at the Nickerson Street Saloon. All proceeds from the sale of Bob's goes to Ronald McDonald House Charities, providing a home away from home for Seattle Children's patients and families.


Apr 03: L.E.D., The Station Portland, 6-9pm

Let’s Eat and Drink is The Station’s special smoked ribs and beer night every Thursday. Ribs specials and $3 pints of Gtown will be on the menu with Sean pouring samples, and if it’s nice maybe you’ll get to be outside on the deck. And if it’s not nice, who cares? Beer!

Apr 10: Uptown Market Beaverton tasting, 5-8pm

Spring is in the air, I’ll see beers everywhere…especially at Uptown Market. Specializing in craft beer and hard-to-find brews, they’ve agreed to have Sean back, pouring samples and charming the good folks. Smarties know Thursday is the day to get ready for the weekend and stock up on necessities like beer, and at UM you'll get to do it at a leisurely pace while actually enjoying a beer. Now you can get yr weekend started right after you clock out on Friday and not be like all the suckers standing in front of the busy cooler wasting valuable weekend time. See - smarts!

Apr 10: Brewhog Blowout at North 45, Portland, 4-10pm

It’s the end of the season bash for all the Brewhoggers. That means pints of beers from over 20 breweries will be available for $3 and rib specials all night long. If this sounds like a recording, you might be familiar with their sister location, The Station (see L.E.D. above). But that’s neither here nor there, since more $3 pints and ribs can never be a bad thing.

Apr 25-27: Oregon Garden Brewfest, Silverton

Oregon Garden is an 80 acre garden that showcases the diverse botanical beauty that can be found in the Willamette Valley and Pacific Northwest. Of course they'd have a brewfest there! Over 65 breweries and cideries will be bringing over 130 beers, meads and ciders to this 10th Annual brewfest and since it is over a 3 day period, you should have plenty of time to try them all. Since it’s our first year, we don’t know how “green” the Medicinal Garden is, but you can probably learn the difference between Mahonia aquifolium and Mahonia repens while you’re there.

Apr 30: Pantry and Pub tasting, Eugene, 6-8pm

The history of Spring Cleaning is diffuse - everything from the Persian New Year to various religious practices have been suggested as possible origins. I think it’s because the days are longer, so when you are home it’s still light out and you can finally see the dust bunnies that have accumulated under the couch for the past 5 months. At any rate, the Spring Cleaning bug is full blown flu for some of us, and after a rigorous day of dusting, organizing and downsizing, nothing sounds better than a cold beer. Sean will be doing a tasting at the P&P, offering specials on pints, and swapping homemade vinegar cleanser recipes.
1810 Chambers St #1, Eugene OR 97405 541-343-0485