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Mar 01-31: Brewery of the Month, Madrona Ale House

Starting March 1, you can get Manny's, Lucille, Roger's, Eddie, Chopper's and Porter on tap all month long. Not only that, but the chef at Madrona has come up with a pairing for each beer, perfect alongside your pint of Gtown. Marzano will be popping in with some of our part-time beers to shake it up every so often, and rumor has it a Brewery Night is in the works for Thursday 3/19. Nothing in life is certain, but you can obsessively refresh our FB and Twitter feed for updates.

Mar 03: Georgetown Night, The Draft Sports Bar, Tulalip Casino, 7-9pm

I was going to try and do a Swingers theme for this event - with Jrob and Kyle hosting, it seemed apt - but after reading a bunch of quotes from the movie about how "money" everything is, my brain started to liquify into a gelatinous sludge and dribble out my ear onto my fairly pristine desk calendar. I took that to be a bad sign. So, without further pomp or circumstance, let's get to the heart of it: there will be 4 Gtown beers on tap with flights available, and Gtown's version of the Draft Packā„¢, Jrob and Kyle, will be there to talk about the beers. Sharkskin suits optional (but so stylish!).

Mar 04: Triple IPA Night, Cooper's Alehouse, 5-7pm

Cooper's set aside 6 or so Triple IPAs, including some Kiss Ass Blaster, to have their own TrIPA tasting event. Marzano and Roger will be hanging out, and as long as they don't both show up wearing beige linen suits, I should be able to tell them apart.

Mar 05: Georgetown Night, Eastlake Bar & Grill, 5-8pm

While it's a pretty informal promo sort of night (beer specials, swag giveaways, the uge), the chef at Eastlake is still coming up with a few snack recommendations for pairing with the 3 Gtown beers on tap, one of which will be MacManalang Scotch Ale. Marzano will be hosting, and you will be drinking. That seems like a fair distribution of responsibilities.

Mar 07: Tri-Cities On Tap, Benton County Fairgrounds, Kennewick 1-4pm, 5-8pm

Your ticket gets you what looks to be unlimited samples of over 100 beers from 50 or so breweries. Clearly, this is a case of divide and conquer (ie: bring a buddy). Plus, you get the dynamic duo of Crystal and Jrob pouring our beers which will be worth the price of admission alone ($35 advance, $45 day of).

Mar 09: Georgetown Night, Rendezvous Wine & Brew, Enumclaw, 6-9pm

We've borrowed a lot of things from the French: fries, bulldogs, dressing, braids, dips, doors, horns, drains, manicures, onions, poodles, coffee presses, bread, toast and twists. We also tend to feel as though we have carte blanche to incorporate some of their words when we need to express something with a je ne sias quoi. Case in point, Rendezvous. From Middle French meaning "present yourselves", we hope you'll present yourself for a Gtown promo night, à la Garrett. There will be les promos de bière et une tombola, so rendezvous s'il vou plaît!

Mar 10: Georgetown Night, Blazing Onion Marysville, 6-8pm

Jrob's been doing quite a few Blazing Onion events lately, and for a while I suspected it had to do with BlazeO's Fry Trio. However, it has been recently pointed out to me that Jrob's in marathon training mode, so he's more likely on the Wedge Salad tip. I trained for a marathon once, well, it was a 5k, and the only reason I did it was because you got chocolate at the end of it. Fine, it was an afternoon walk to a 7-11 for a Charleston Chew, but the Fit Bit says it counts. Who am I kidding, it was a white Hershey kiss in the hall closet at the bottom of a tote bag that hasn't been used since a summer trip to the beach. In 2012. Get some exercise - and beer specials and swag - and head out to BlazeO!

Mar 12: Georgetown Night, Beer Junction, 5-8pm

The Beer Junction is the go-to spot in the West Seattle Junction for a great selection of beer to-go, by the pint, or in my case, a lot of tiny beers so I can try as much as possible without embarrassing myself. We'll be bringing Kiss Ass Blaster TriIPA, Lisa's Choco Stout on nitro, and a beer that's been quietly setting the world on fire one keg at a time, some barrel aged Chopper's. Marzano is pawing through the cooler for a few more fun kegs to bring, so we might throw a couple more oddballs on the manifold, just 'cuz we can.

Mar 12: Georgetown Night, Leatherheads Pub and Eatery, Stanwood, 6-8pm

Housed in a historic 1929 fire station, Leatherheads is a tribute to brave men and delicious snacks, maybe/maybe not in that order. Come by Thursday night for Gtown beer specials, probably some raffled off swag, and Jrob hoisting customers in the Fireman's carry for $5 (marathon training, of course).

Mar 12: Georgetown Night, Oly Taproom, Olympia, 6-8pm

The South Sound's newest source for craft beer and cider by the pint, growler, and bottle. Garrett will be popping the hops and hosting OT's very first brewer's night with beer specials and treats. And by treats I mean swag. It's hard to find new words for swag, and treats sounded fun, but now that I've said it aloud, it also sounds kind of Halloweeny. How about we just go to the source phrase, first found in 1794, and try that again: Garrett will be popping the hops and hosting OT's very first brewer's night with beer specials and ornamental festoons. Better.

Mar 13: Nickerson 20 Year Anniversary Hoedown, All Day Long!

The Nickerson is ready for their 20 spankings (and one to grow on!) with a blow out Friday night party. Chris, one of the owners, came to the brewery and helped brew up 15 barrels worth of a special beer with Kyle just for the occasion. If you want to try the beer though, you'll have to go to the Nickerson. It'll get tapped first thing that day, then be on till it's gone. Come by and raise a pint to the past twenty and the twenty to come!

Mar 20: Georgetown Night, Rumor Mill, Friday Harbor

The Rumor Mill says they stick to a simple equation: good food + good entertainment = good times. The only thing missing in that calculation is good beer, and Jrob's going to make sure they have plenty of it for his promo night. Join us in Friday Harbor on Friday night with Jrob, some raffled swag, and the correct answer to any problem, beer.

Mar 26: Georgetown Night, Normandy Park Ale House, 7-9pm

The later time on this promo makes it easier for the folks that like to go home after work first, relax, have some dinner, then go out for a beer. But don't take your pants off when you first get home because your legs will swell up and you'll never get them back on again. Wait, maybe it's shoes that you're not supposed to take off... Anyway, Garrett is hosting this fun Thursday night promo with Gtown beer specials and maybe some swaggy giveaways. He should be wearing both pants and shoes, but who knows what the kids are wearing these days.

Mar 28: Cask Fest, Seattle Center, two sessions 12-4pm, 6-10pm

Did you get your tickets yet? Even after moving to a larger venue, this event still sells out. Why? Because all the beers are awesome, that's why. Cask versions of beers known and unknown abound, so most of the beers on hand will be completely new to you. What are we bringing? That's up to Tom, Master of the Cask, and his lady Crystal, Princess of Primary Fermentation.


Mar 05: Georgetown Night, Kraftworks Taphouse, Salem, 5-7pm

Lucky for the folks in Oregon's capitol, Kraftworks is one of the few spots in Oregon that's getting a keg of Lisa's Chocolate Stout on nitro. Creamy, delicious nitro. Sean will be hosting a Gtown night with swag, beer specials, and showing off his mastery of shadow puppetry.
241 Liberty St NE, Salem, OR 97301, (503) 339-7757

Mar 07: Coast Craft Beer Fest, Seaside, 3-8pm

Ain't nothing better than drinking with purpose, especially when that purpose is raising money for good works. Sean will be milling about talking to folks about the brewery while Manny's and Lucille pours from the taps. Proceeds from CCBF benefit the South Clatsop County County Food Bank.

Mar 12: Georgetown Tap Takeover, Mac Taps, McMinnville, 5-7pm

It's a tap takeover at Mac Taps. Ok, we're not taking over all the taps, because there's something like 30 of them, but we'll have some serious real estate that Thursday night. Count on specials on all the Gtown beers, plus some sweet swag giveaways.

Mar 19: L.E.D. (Let's Eat & Drink) Georgetown Night, The Station, Portland, 6-9pm

$3 pints of Gtown beer, house smoked ribs, and 50 Shades of Sean.