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Feb 04: Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow, Brouwer's Cafe, 3pm-close

Big bold and boozy - it's the 3rd year of this celebration of hops and the beers that have a lot of them. The whole roadshow shebang kicks off at Brouwer's where they'll have all 30 brews on tap, so if you want to make sure not to miss your favorite brewery's concoction, make this your first stop. The remaining events listed in green below may have more limited selections, so check the Hop Mob website for details.

Feb 04: Georgetown promo, McClain's Pizza, Spokane, 6-9pm

Have a little Thursday night beer and pizza when Stefanie hosts a little Gtown promo at McClain's. There may be a special beer or two hand delivered by Stef herself, straight from the brewery, plus some swag to raffle off to a lucky few. I trolled their FB page for more details, and my favorite post on their page is a picture of a chubby wiener dog with the caption "Yeah I'm into fitness. Fitness whole pizza in my mouth." Truer words have never been spoken.

Feb 05: Central Food Beer Lunch, Spokane, 11am-3pm

Here's an awesome concept - beer lunch. Maybe you can't go out after work because you have kids, or school or there's a new episode of Vera on PBS - so why not lunch? I mean, it's Friday, live a little. Go out for lunch, and get specials on food and beer, meet our Sales Rep Stefanie, and before you know it, the weekend has started.

Feb 05: Georgetown promo, Growler Guys, Spokane - Newport Hwy location, 5-8pm

Stefanie does double duty this Friday when she also hosts a Georgetown tasting at Growler Guys. It's the perfect Friday post work-pre func stop. Try some of our more limited beer offerings and take a growler to go. The only thing missing from an awesome weekend is a large bowl of chili and a bouncy house. Sorry, not together. I should've been more clear about that.

Feb 06: Georgetown beer tasting, Total Wine, Tukwila, 12-3pm

I guess when you start to put them on salad, you are officially stress eating CheetosĀ®. What an odd name, like, it's kind of "cheese" but what's with the "tos" part? So I looked it up. According to, it looks like at least 3 girls were named "Cheeto" in 2011. Per, if you are named Cheeto and were born on Aug 29, 1968, your last earthly incarnation was a male born around the territory of Alaska approximately in 750. Your profession was handicraftsman and mechanic (what exactly would you mechanic in 750?). Internet. I don't understand you. Anyway, when you pick up a taste or a growler from Garrett during his tasting at TW, you can pick up a tub of cheese balls while you're at it and be confident no one has ever named their child CheeseBall. Please god.

Feb 10: Georgetown promo, The Onion Bar & Grill, Spokane, 6-8pm

I'm so excited about Stef's promo at The Onion. It's not just because she will be raffling off some swag, and probably bringing some special beer straight from the brewery not usually found this side of the mountains. But The Onion also offers ENDLESS steak cut or shoestring fries with their burgers. How are endless fries not a thing everywhere? Like, when I go somewhere, and they don't have endless fries, I'm all like "Why do you hate freedom?" It's shortly after an outburst like that I'm usually asked to leave immediately by the DMV employee, but I think they get my point.

Feb 11: Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow, Collective On Tap, Woodinville, 5pm-close

Feb 12: Brewology, Science Center, 7-10pm

Boy, are you in luck. Not only do you get to drink some tasty beer, but you get to learn how it is made. I just talked to Ryan, and it sounds like he's going to be bringing ALL KINDS of super fun science-y stuff for you to test, look at and smell. Ryan is our Smartie-in-Residence, so you will for sure learn something. I'm just hoping he puts that plush yeast cell in the wash before he brings it down for you to play with.

Feb 12: Beat the Winter Brews, Gilman Village, Issaquah, 6-9pm

Gather your friends and help beat the winter blues with some delicious brews. Wander shop to shop while you enjoy drinks, snacks and games. Don't forget to dress for the weather - you know the saying "There's no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing". Pretty sure I heard that from a wiener dog in a yellow slicker.

Feb 13: Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow, Naked City Brewery & Taphouse, 11:30am-close

Feb 13: Valentine's Day Brewer's Dinner, Pub of Yakima, Yakima, seating at 6, dinner at 7

You can cozy up with your sweetheart, or maybe stage a single person uprising with your friends, and enjoy a special menu with beer and food pairings. Surely Stefanie will bring something that hasn't been on the taps before at PoY, and you can enjoy your night no matter what your relationship status.

Feb 17: Georgetown tap takeover, Special Brews, 6-8pm

Nathan has been collecting, nay HOARDING beer for this event. I don't think he's going to get on all 17 of Special Brews' taps, but he's going to get very close. That means lots and lots of Gtown beers, some that almost never see the light of day outside of the brewery. All those beers? Better bring some cheese balls for a snack.

Feb 17: Georgetown promo, Barley's Brewhub, Kennewick, 5:30-8:30

When I first started to type this up, I mistakenly typed "Brewhug". Doesn't that sound nice? Who wouldn't want a brewhug? Stefanie will be bringing some Lisa's Chocolate Stout on nitro, Bodhizafa IPA and Johnny Utah so you'll have your choice of brewhugs.

Feb 18: Georgetown promo, Fire & Brimstone, Kennewick, 6-8pm

Fire is one of man's greatest discoveries, perhaps even as long as 1.7 million years ago. Shortly afterwards, pizza was invented. FACT. Maybe not pizza as we know it today - it probably had a lot less cheese and more tubers and dirt - but flatbreads cooked over fire are a very universal food. Almost every civilization has their own version, kind of like something else we all enjoy: beer! Get back to your Middle Paleolithic roots with some wood fired pizza and non-wood fired beer when Stefanie hosts this Gtown promo.

Feb 18: Georgetown promo, Beer at a Time, Vancouver, 6pm

Meet up with Garrett for a some beers and maybe a little swag giveaway action. One beer at a time, one beer at a time, ti-i-i-i-ime. One beer at a tiiiiiiiiiiiime. I'm not ashamed to say it-shortly after I watched the opening credits for the One Day At A Time tv show, I needed a palate cleanser so I watched the Vitalic "Birds" video with the slow motion dogs. There is a rather aggressive looking poodle that I would not want to meet in a dark alley. Also, people make a lot of dubstep videos with slow motion flying cats. Weird.

Feb 19: Georgetown Brewing tasting, Liquid Gold, Vancouver, 6-8pm

Thar's liquid gold in them thar hills! Or at least in Vancouver. Join Garrett for a little beer promo, maybe win some swag, and swap your best prospectin' stories. (btw - the "how to swear like an old prospector" article was not very helpful and most certainly was NOT pure gold)

Feb 20: Georgetown Beer tasting, Total Wine, Lynnwood, 12-3pm

Looking for a little something for your Saturday night? Nathan's going to be your beer steward at the tasting table, giving out samples of some Gtown beers and dropping some beer knowledge. Don't forget to put your growler in the car before you leave the house!

Feb 20: Craft Brew & Bacon Fest, Three Rivers Convention Center, Kennewick, 6-10pm

It's all there in the title - Brew & Bacon. Sip on beers while you stuff yr moufhole with delicious bacony goodness from the best restaurants in the Tri-Cities. Then wash it down with more beer.

Feb 26: Georgetown Beer tasting, QFC Bellevue, 5-7pm

Hmmmm, coffee, check. Apples, check. Eggs, check. Georgetown growler, check? That's right Bellevue, you can get your lacinto kale AND get your growler filled at your local QFC. Garrett is going to be doing a little tasting from 5-7, so maybe you can grab some beer for the weekend along with your marshmallow fluff and PringlesĀ® Tortillas. (philosophically, should PringlesĀ® really be in the tortilla business? I'm genuinely conflicted...)

Bellevue Village Center, 10116 NE 8th St

Feb 26: Taste of Spokane, Northern Quest Casino, 6-10pm

A random Pintrest page I saw once quoted Leonardo daVinci as saying "Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up." (maybe it was daVinci. Could have been a wiener dog....) If you could really taste the taste of Spokane, what would it taste like? Make up your own mind at this event with beer, wine, spirits and snacks. All proceeds benefit Wishing Star Foundation.

Feb 27: Hops & Props, Museum of Flight, 7pm

Dude. DUDE. Did you not get tix AGAIN? I can't even. Guess you're stuck at home playing Neko Atsume, cursing Tubbs for eatin' all the Ritzy Bitz you JUST put out. Damnit Tubbs!


Feb 12-13: KLCC Microbrew Festival, Eugene, 5-11pm Fri, 1-11pm Sat

Sip on your choice of 190 or so beers from 80 or so breweries at this year's festival while you peruse the records and cds at the mega music sale. Albums are $2 on Friday and $1 on Saturday! Hopefully that means I can get another copy of Boots Randolph's Yakety Sax - I wore out my last copy playing it non stop after Travis pulled the wrong valve on a tank last week....

Feb 18: Uptown Market, Beaverton, 5-8pm

Uptown Sean... He'll be pouring at the Uptown Markeeeeettttt. I bet he listens to the Backstreet Boy-oyyyys. I bet he eats a lot of sooooyyyyyyy. Visit Sean "Big Shot" Miller while he pours samples and quotes Point Break while it plays on the tv. Chances are good for something fun on tap like Pappas, Lisa's Chocolate Stout or Bodhizafa. Chances are less good for Billy Joel impressions.

Feb 25: Brewhog, North 45, Portland, 6-9pm

Ribs and beer! Beer and ribs! Which do you love more? Sean will be there pouring samples on North 45's awesome back patio while you wash down those house-smoked ribs with $4 pints of Gtown beer. By the way, Sean wanted me to remind y'all that it's SeanWeek all month long. We really do have to start making t-shirts for that.

Feb 27: Triple IPA Fest, NWIPA, Portland, 1pm-close

NWIPA's 3rd Annual Triple IPA Fest. Sounds like a triple triple threat. TrIPAs from lots of heavy hitters like Barley Brown's, Pfriem, Boneyard, Fat Head's, Breakside, and yours truly. We'll have a keg of our new Lindy Triple IPA for your drinking pleasure. Glasses and 5 tickets will run you $10. Rubbing elbows with Sean, priceless.