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Georgetown Brewery

Our Home

We're located in "North" Georgetown. If you have not made it down to Georgetown recently, you should definitely swing by for a visit. We're grateful to be a part of such a cool community. Come see our new brewery or call us to reserve your spot on our Saturday tours.

Our Brewery

We brew on a 60 BBL Chopp/Elston brewing system with fermentation tanks made by Interior Stainless Inc. Currently we brew right around 50K barrels a year, but our current capacity allows us to brew up to 100K a year. We started brewing in our new space in the fall of 2008 and our new tasting room opened in June of 2010. Building a brewery has been fun, frustrating, rewarding, scary, and exciting all at once. We really could not have done it without the help and support of our friends, our family and our customers.

Historic Seattle Brewing and Malting

Check out the history of Georgetown, Seattle. It's pretty cool...